Hero’s Heroine sings its praises for those who embrace in the HERO they believe exists within themselves. Believing in those who respond to the discrimination and abuse from society, through the creative use of their passion and artistic talents. With the ethos of “Power to the people”.Hero’s Heroine stands for

Freedom  .  Justice  .  Peace  .  Life  .   Dreams  .   YOU 
Be the HERO you can be.

Shun Pong O, a film that portrays the character of a young girl from a village who escapes the cruel and imperfect world by living her life in her own imaginary celestial world where she finds her peace and freedom. That belief of her “ideal” world was introduced into her life when she meets the man of her life, but it came with a deadly hint of reality. The unfavourable equation between two negatives turned out to be a journey filled with joy, love and hope. Their miraculous journey which took place, left behind a symbolic legacy of miracles.

Hero’s Heroine X Shun Pong O crew’s logo concept incorporates HERO logo block design to express the sleek design of Shun Pong O’s fish. This logo was personally designed by director David Thian. The design concept is to encourage everyone to carry their own hero dreams out of their hearts.